I'm Taurus

Hi, I know you probably dislike compatibility questions and all that but I'm curious to know what sign YOU think is best for taurus? In your opinion.


Hi, sorry because I was ignoring your question not because it smells like a compatibility question but its tough to answer also when you can see Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. I think you asking me again, so here I’m answering you. In MY opinion Capricorn is the best sign for Taurus (in general).

I'm kind of a... violent person, but I'm super determined and stubborn, what type of jobs would you recommend?


How do you know that you’re a violent person? When your core personality is the most peaceful, forgiving and stable? When you know your flaws, it get easier to change them rather than surrendering to them or adjusting with or blaming something. You must be a really good person at core, because you are. You determination can make you successful in anything you do.
I won’t do any silly thing by recommending you something, sorry.
Have a nice day!

I'm having a hard time understand in the moon signs and other stuff like that. I followed the steps on the site you linked to another anon earlier and my results/chart just confused me. Can you please try and explain the importance of moon signs or link me to a helpful resource? Thank you


Hi, it was random site that calculates your chart, more can be Google here http://www.google.com/#q=free+natal+chart

In your chart:

  • Sun shows: How a person feels most fulfilled, and the areas of life that most contribute to self-knowledge and personal fulfillment.
  • Moon shows: What kinds of experience are most emotionally satisfying, and the areas of life that most contribute to emotional fulfillment.
  • Mercury shows: How learning occurs, subjects of interest, in what area of life communication skills are most important.
  • Venus shows: How relationships are formed, how love is defined, in what area of life most important relationships are formed.
  • Mars shows: How desires are pursued, how initiative is taken, in what area of life courage is developed.
  • Jupiter shows: How and where self-confidence and faith are needed and developed.
  • Saturn shows: Where integrity and self-reliance are essential, where fears and laziness must be overcome.
  • Uranus shows: How rebellious nature is expressed, where questioning of authority is healthy and essential.
  • Neptune shows: How spiritual insights unfold, where they are most likely to occur, and where disillusionment is experienced.
  • Pluto shows: How a sense of personal mission manifests, where the greatest potentials for transformative experiences and personal empowerment are found.

There are 12 houses. Each house in your birth chart covers several different areas of your life. For example, if your Moon is in 2nd House (2nd house ruled by Taurus) it means your feeling and instinctive nature will find expression through an innate emotional drive for financial and domestic security. Your feeling of general well being is strongly dependent on material comforts, a stable home life and material possessions.

I hope it helped.